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March is many things.  It is my birthday

About Us

Back in 2010, my daughter's first birthday came and went without much fanfare.  No party.  No smash cake.  No presents.  No pictures.  I had missed this huge milestone due to being hospitalized for pneumonia.  I made a vow after that; I would never miss another one and I would do everything in my power to make each celebration magical for her.

So I learned to bake.  I learned to decorate.  I taught myself everything.  I watch hundreds of hours of YouTube videos.  I had caketastrophies and fails.  I had recipe after recipe tweaked and re-tweaked until I found the perfect one.  Each time I make a cake, I learn something new.  I am far from perfect.  But each time, I get closer.

In 2014, I started having people ask me to make them cakes.  I was scared to make a cake for anyone else, so I defered them to another baker.  But more and more people kept asking.  More and more people were raving about my recipes.  And more and more people kept telling me I needed to start baking for more than just hobby.  In 2017, I finally decided to open up shop and started the process of opening up a Cottage Food Bakery.  

So, here I am .  Ready to make your celebration magical, with each piece is made with love.  From me, to you.

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