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I love you guys. Have I mentioned that? You make all things ZubCake-y worth while! I love my clients, I love my fellow bakers who follow me, I love my inspirations, I love my gurus, I love you all! I mean it. Really and truly. You all give me purpose in this caking lifestyle. When I am at my darkest, I get a cake order that lightens my mood a thousand fold. When I feel like I offer nothing of importance, I get asked by fellow bakers for advise, that makes me feel on top of the world. When I feel I know it all, I have a guru show me I know nothing, reminding me of my humble beginnings. Yes. I love it all. It is what makes my world truly perfect. I had to order some new piping bags today, as I am down to my very last one. I was pleasantly surprised to find them on super sale and almost bought the remaining stock for myself, until I realized I could do something much, much better with my money than horde 250 piping bags. Don't get me wrong, I can use all 250. It just might take me a year or two. And chances are high I would forget where I hide all the boxes for safe keeping. So, I bought 2 boxes for myself. And three boxes for you.

Wilton Decorating Bags

Yes ma'am (and sir!) You heard right. I purchased three additional boxes...and paid shipping...for you. First, the disclaimers: No purchase from you is necessary. You read right! I want none of your money! I am not in any way, shape, form, or fashion affiliated with Wilton. I am not paid to make this offer, nor was I approached to make this offer, I did it 100% out of the kindness of my heart. I do not get commission on this. It is limited to residents in the US only (apologies, it is something Amazon requires, not myself, I tried finding a work around, no dice. Really and truly, sorry for this limitation, I will continue to try and located a work around for next time.) I ONLY HAVE THREE OF THESE! That means, only three people can win. Winner is based on every 400th entry. I cannot promise I will run these giveaways all that often, after all, they do come out of my pocket. No refunds, not responsible for damages, and all that stuff. But I wanted to give back a little to the community who is making me, We shall see where this may go. I do ask though, if you could give me a follow. You don't have to, it is not a requirement to win. It would just be a nice gesture is all. Especially since I am actively in the process of adding more content for you in the very near future, in the way of tutorials, recipes, and what not. And I isn't much. But it is still nice to win every now and then, even if it is just a box of bags. I prefer the smaller bags as it gives me much better hand control when piping. And even then, I only fill them about 1/3 of the way. Yes, yes, you have to fill them more often. But trust me, it gives you MUCH better control overall. I usually use my silicone piping bag when doing borders or whatnot, but when it comes to multiple colors, flavors, royal icing, piping chocolate, or anything that requires more than one bag, these are my go to's. Never had one bust. Never had one with a faulty seam. Never had one have bad defects. I have on other brands. So, I hope you agree with me. But even if not, well, they are free. Never look a free piping bag in the...wait...collar? Where would you be smiting it? Not even sure. Anyways... Without further ado, may I present to you, your GIVEAWAY ENTRY LINK! GOOD LUCK! And happy caking my cakey dears!

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