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It has been a trying couple of weeks. My mother had surgery this two weeks ago for suspected RCC, which is kidney cancer. Surprisingly, that was not the terrifying part. The part where she lost over a liter of blood and needed a transfusion as we nearly lost her was the scary part. I think I hit my darkest moment sitting in that hospital with her. I stayed up all night, watching her, wondering if she would pull through. Knowing I would be lost without her. Somehow holding it together on the outside so she would not be worried. Inside, I was freaking the ever loving out. The mind of a caker is a crazy thing. Especially when that caker owns his or her own business and puts heart and soul into it. Even more so when that caker works not one, but two other jobs. So when the routine surgery went south, I lost it. I suddenly had to figure out how to work around both my full time and part time jobs, be at the hospital with my mother, and find time to work on not one, but two cakes that are due that weekend. On top of that, my child is in competitive Taekwondo and missing class is just not an option since she is so close to testing for black and plans to one day hold the world champ title. I know, I know. You are thinking I am out of my ever loving mind. I should drop all of that and just sit by my mother's side. And I did. On Monday and Tuesday when things were the most dire. But my mother more or less told me to leave and take care of my family and my cakes. See, she is insanely proud of my accomplishments. It gives her life to see me thrive. And had I stayed at the hospital, she would have choked me. Literally. She is Puerto Rican. I mean, have YOU seen an angry latina momma before? I didn't think so. In any case, I listened. I left. Not before, however, I received word that I was given a really cool shout out on Icing Smiles' blog. It was absolutely AUH-MAZING seeing myself being promoted! I mean, holy cow! I never in a trillion years thought that something out of the kindest of my heart would expand so huge! If you find you need to read all about it, check it my story out on Icing Smile's blog It was just the boost I needed to kick off my vacation week after a really trying time by my mother's side. HA! Vacation! What is THAT!? I ended up making over 13 cakes and various frostings. I had the world's most offensive cake ever (you will never see that cake on my site, ever,) A PJ Mask themed cake, Braves cupcakes, cadecus cupcakes, chocolate orange cupcakes, mermaid cupcakes, a Golden Warriors basketball jersey cake, an Gucci cake, a geode cake, and umpteen million samples for my open house event at a wedding venue. I was sooooo tired! But I feel I knocked it out of the park.

You see, I was the only caker to show up at that open house. I had 50 of these beauties with me. 50 of these with my classic vanilla, my classic red velvet, a chocolate cake with a caramel butter cream, and a lemon with a fresh raspberry filling (maybe next time I will give you that recipe.) 50 wrapped up nicely with a discount card, biodegradable bambo forks, all topped with a hemp rope. I really went all out. Were they not just simply gorgeous? All the brides to be thought so too.

I ended up quite pleased with the turn out, how many orders I received, the number of call back numbers, and so forth. I am booked out as far as May of 2020! Who would have thought just 16 months ago, that I would be here?! Certainly not me. But you want to know where I really never thought I would be? Being nominated to join a cake competition.

In August, I will be competing against some of the best bakers in Georgia. Really talented individuals who have eons more experience than myself. Making a wedding cake, a themed cake, and a sheet cake for tastings. I got this. Until they mentioned Nicholas Lodge will be one of the judges. I mean, he only made Queen Elizabeth's 80th birthday cake. And created one of Princess Diana's 24 official wedding cakes. And Prince Harry's Christening cake. And has been a TV pastry judge on numerous shows. Nope. Not intimidated in the slightest. I got this. Okay. Well, maybe a smidge intimidated. Or maybe a wee bit. Okay. A LOT!

So, what does all this mean? Means ZubCakes has taken off to be bigger than I EVER anticipated! How did this happen! What am I going to do?! Surely I am not THAT good! And then I realize, I am. I still have a lot of room to improve. But I make high end luxury cakes. And I make them well. I might not win that competition, but I won at so much more. These next few months should be of a lot of interest to me. Let's see where this path goes, shall we? :)

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