Beautiful, aren't they? The silver beads and the glitter that adorns the cake trends of today. As you shop around for the perfect cake for your event, you find that you want the most eye catching one you can find. And what could possibly be more eye catching than the glittering ensemble that is disco dust and sliver dragées? Or maybe not. The FDA advises against using both dragées and disco dust on your edibles. These items are inedible and are not made for consumption nor to be placed on foods. While there are edible glitters out there, they are not as sparkling as that of disco dust as it is primarily colored sugar. Disco dust (or the many other names it may go by) is glitter, or in other words, little tiny bits of shiny plastic. And silver dragées, while they are made with sugar, they are coated in real silver, something that has been on the FDA naughty list since 1906 as a food additive. If you find you absolutely must have that shiny and sparkly cake or cookie, there are a few options you can take in order to provide yourself and your guests the safest and most edible product. You could choose to removed every little silver dragées before serving it. Having placed these on cakes before and knowing how time consuming it can be, I can only assume taking them off will be just as time consuming. Or, you could choose instead to go with the sugar pearls that are not nearly as shiny but just as beautiful (and are safe for consumption.) And if you find you must have that luster on your cake, maybe choose a fondant wrapped cake so that the disco dust goes on the fondant and protects the cake from being contaminated. Just make sure your guests (especially kids) know to not eat the fondant but to peel it off prior to consumption. Or maybe choose the less shiny sanding sugars. Or you could even opt for a different look with the very beautiful and very edible gold leaf, as seen below.

No matter what you choose, be sure your cake artist is knowledgeable about products that are and are not edible on your cake. It is his or her responsibility to provide you with a safe product and that it complies with FDA regulations as well as state and local laws. As for me? I will only use FDA approved products so you know that the product you receive from me is always safe for consumption.

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