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COVID-19 POLICIES (ongoing and in addition to current policy until further notice)
*All orders must be considered delivery.  Deliveries must take place at least two hours prior to event time to limit person to person contact.  

*We will continue to practice proper food safety methods and will follow all CDC guidelines to ensure health and safety.

*If you are feeling ill, please contact us immediately so we can work out an alternative arrangement.  Depending on how far in advance we are contacted, we may be able to offer a no fee transfer to a future date that fits within both of our schedules.  We want you healthy, we will do what we can to work with you during these trying times.  

*Please note retainers will remain non-refundable.  If you cancel, you will not be refunded your retainer, regardless of the reason.  We will gladly offer a no fee transfer to a future date provided we have enough advance notice and date availability, but often times, work has already been started on your order that you may not be aware of (sugar flower creations, custom mold creation and procurement, custom frame building, etc), making refunds not a possibility. 

*In the event that ZubCakes must cancel on you due to COVID, all monies, including retainer, will be refunded to you promptly.

As we near the end of 2021, I want to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported ZubCakes over the past several years.  Last year, I was certain my little business would not survive, but you pulled her through.  And for that, I am eternally grateful.

2021 ended up being busier than ever.  Prices increased dramatically for supplies and materials, which in turn meant my prices also increased, and yet you still stayed with me.  You are phenomenal.

As we edge closer to 2022, I have realized that I need to make a business decision on the direction of which my company needs to take in order to continue hitting the high standard I have placed on myself and that you have come to expect of me.  It is a hard decision to make, but one that had to be made.

Effective October 1st, 2021, the following changes will be taking place:

*ZubCakes will strictly enforce our $200 minimum order requirement.  I am unfortunately in that weird spot where I am too small to take on dozens of small cakes each week, but not yet big enough to permanently hire someone to help me.  Enforcing this minimum will lessen the amount of orders I have, I understand that.  But it will also guarantee I am only accepting orders that will continue to grow my business and will allow me to put my full attention on every order, not just most orders. 

*ZubCakes will start strictly enforcing a $100 rush fee on any orders placed and accepted less than 14 days in advance.  Many of the ingredients, items, and materials I use, I keep on hand.  But sometimes, it is several trips to several stores, paying rush fee prices ourselves, or paying for next day shipping to ensure that the custom item we need arrives on time as our postal service has been less than reliable as of late.  

*ZubCakes will strictly enforce no changes to orders less than 14 days in advance; for the same reasons listed above with rush fees.  Any add-on requests are subject to the $100 rush fee.

*ZubCakes will only accept a maximum of three orders a week.  If I am increasing my minimum order requirement to ensure my full attention goes to every order, I must decrease my maximum orders accepted.  It is only fair to you, as my client, that I hold myself accountable as well.

*ZubCakes will only offer cake tasting boxes once a month, the first Sunday of each month.  Boxes will no longer come with flavor choices and will no longer be offered as mix-and-match, but will now include six (6) flavors vs four (4) and will have a total of 12 servings.  All boxes must be picked up from us between 10am-4pm.  All boxes will only be offered as To-Go options, we can arrange a Zoom call afterwards.  All boxes will be $50 (plus tax,) with a $25 credit to be applied to your order of $300 or more if you book with us within 14 days of the tasting.

*ZubCakes will strictly enforce a “No Character Cake” policy.  This is due to copyright laws.  I am able and willing to create a themed cake that will match your party, but I will not create the characters.  I highly recommend you purchase toys to be used as toppers for these sorts of cakes.

*ZubCakes will only offer cupcakes if they are an add on order (such as you need additional servings), if they are of at least four (4) dozen (total of 48), or if they are part of the cake itself (such as a cupcake tower with a cutting cake.)  We will no longer offer sheet cakes of any kind as we simply do not have the counter space to create these in addition to other orders.  Kitchen cakes on the other hand, are still available for any order exceeding 100 servings.

*ZubCakes will offer a simple 4” buttercream, egg-free, vanilla or chocolate smash cake for any first birthday order that is $300 or more, for free.

*ZubCakes will offer a free 6” anniversary tier cake for any wedding order that is $500 or more.

*ZubCakes HIGHLY recommends you book your cake, regardless of your chosen baker, AS SOON AS YOU KNOW YOUR DATE, have secured your venue, and know who you want to use.  I keep an extensive list of local bakers to provide you referrals when my schedule is too full.  Fortunately for me and many bakers I know, all of our schedules have been packed for months and many of us have no end in sight for many months.  Unfortunately for you, that means many bakers no longer have availability even three months out.  Many of us already have black out days all the way out into 2023. Please do not wait.

*ZubCakes will only offer free delivery for up to 10 miles total.  Delivery fees will be $1 per mile, each way, afterwards.

I greatly appreciate all of you.  

*ZubCakes will continue to only consider an order booked once a contract is sent and a 50% non-refundable retainer is received.

*ZubCakes will continue to require all orders be paid in advance no less than 14 days prior to delivery.  Any late payments will be subject to a $30 late fee.

These new policies were not made lightly, a lot of thought and soul searching went into this.  These were very tough calls to make.  Very tough decisions to decide on.  But as we have grown, I realized I simply cannot continue with the volume I have and be able to meet both results and deadlines.  I thank you so very much for understanding and I look forward to creating your next cake when both your budget and needs allow it.


Sweetly Yours,



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