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The most common question I get is, why are your cakes so expensive?  The big chain grocery store sells cakes SO much cheaper!

This is true.  It does.  I wish I could compete with their prices to make your life easier.  But the truth is, I do not compete with grocery stores.  I am not open at midnight and I do not bake off hundreds of cakes before they are ordered.  I do not have cheap prices that can be made up for in quantity in other departments.  It is just me, making high quality, from scratch, lovingly prepared, baked-to-order cakes, then decorated especially for you.  You will speak with just me, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year.  I am the owner/operator of ZubCakes and a long time resident of the community.  And I go to the same grocery store as you, I do not get retailer discounts.  So it is cool, really, if you want to go to the local grocery store for your cake because my prices seem a bit too steep.  After all, that is what the grocery store bakery is for: inexpensive, convenient, last-minute stuff that is pretty good.  When you need that something that is extra special, and your time and budget allows, you know where to find me.  And if do you decide to go with another custom baker, please be sure to check their work or portfolios and if possible, reviews, so you know what you are getting.  Not all bakers will meet the caliber you are looking for as everyone has different skill sets (me included!)

Can I come into your shop and look at your products?

I wish I could say yes, but I am sorry to say, no.  I operate legally under Georgia's Cottage Food Law, which means my home kitchen has been inspected and deemed to be up to code by GA's Department of Agriculture to make and bake custom baked goods that are not considered potentially hazardous.  I do not have a supply on hand.  All my orders are custom baked just for you.  That means I am unable to meet the needs for same day orders or for you to swing by and grab something on the way home.  It also means that I am limited to how many cakes I can do in a given week.  Priorities are given to cake orders that are booked with a 50% non-refundable retainer.

Can you do an eggless, vegan, gluten free, or other allergen free cakes?

In short, yes.  However, I must provide the disclaimer that I am not a certified allergen free kitchen.  All items I make are prepared on shared equipment.  Whereas I do the very best I can to ensure all my equipment is properly cleaned and sanitized, there is a slight potential for your cake to come in contact with an allergen through cross contamination as I do not strip my equipment all the way down to the gears.  This is more a concern for those with gluten and nut allergies as the wheat or nut dust can get up in the gears of my equipment.  If you are asking based on dietary preferences, we should be fine.  If you are asking based on allergies, it may be better for you to find another local baker who is certified allergen free.

Will you make me a Disney or Star Wars cake?

Please be aware that I cannot and will not do character cakes or licensed cakes due to copyright infringement laws.  I will be more than happy to work with you on a design and style that will work with your theme and offer options that can make your celebration as magical as you had planned.  I cannot 100% replicate a cake you saw on Pinterest or done by another baker, but I can make it as close as legally possible and feel confident I can meet your wants and needs.  If you really want that licensed cake, you will need to either obtain the the rights for me to use it yourself (and provide proof) or find another baker who already has those rights.  I also highly recommend you buy toys to be used as toppers.

I am frequently asked why do I require a non-refundable retainer?

In order to schedule your cake on your event date a 50% non- refundable deposit is required. Without the deposit, I will not hold your date. Priority will be given to the paying customer.  This is to ensure I am not wasting your time or mine.  Retainer refunds will not be made for cancellations of any kind, but will be applied to your order as a credit in the event that a change of date occurs, provided I am given 7 days advance notice.   The non-refundable deposit will be applied as a credit to your next order in the event that  you have asked to have your cake postponed and you have given me at least 72 hours notice.

How much in advance do custom cakes need to be ordered​?

This is a hard one to answer.  At least two weeks.  However, I am often booked solid months in advance and may not be able to fit you in.  Never assume I cannot do your order, you need to contact me to see if I am available or not.  All orders will be subjected to a 50% non-refundable retainer.  All final payments are due 14 days prior to cake due date.  Any order that is made within 14 days of the due date will require payment in full, plus a $100 rush fee.

What if I need to make a change to my order?

I require 14 days notice for all changes. No changes to size, flavor or decoration can be made after this time.  I am always happy to add cupcakes to orders in the event that you need to serve more guests.  Leftover cake can be frozen to be eaten at another time in the event you have ordered too much for your guest count.

Well, okay, but what if I am not happy with the cake?  Do you offer a refund?

Oh my gosh!  I am so sorry you were not happy and I hate hearing that and will do whatever I can to retain you as a customer!  I promise to always do my best to provide the best tasting and best looking cakes possible.  Custom orders are created with love by me just for you.   Please keep in mind that no two pieces of art made by people are ever exactly alike!  In the event that I have made a major mistake to the design theme (butterflies instead of dinosaurs for example) and you alert me at the time of pickup or at drop off, every attempt will be made to correct this error in a timely manner, before your event.  In the event that I am unable to correct my mistake before your event, you can choose not to accept the cake and will not be held responsible for the balance due. Please know, that if you accept the cake, payment in full is still required.  While it makes me very sad to make mistakes, and I will never knowingly disappoint you, please remember that a person, not machines, is designing your cakes.  No refunds will be given for color selections or minor design discrepancies. 

If your cake is a complete disaster, as in it collapses or melts after pick-up or delivery, there are some things you need to know.  I take care to properly dowel all tiered cakes and chill them so as to minimalize these types of issues.  Refrigerating cakes that will not be eaten within two hours of pickup or delivery will help keep the your cake in pristine condition.  Not having your cake served outside will also offset the potential of a cake-tastrophy (or if you do serve it outside, make sure to not place the cake outside no sooner than  30 minutes before serving.)  I require delivery of all tiered cakes to further help keep a collapsed cake from happening.  I do everything in my power to provide a cake that is not damaged.  Therefore, if a damage happens after a cake is accepted, while I hate that this happened, I am not liable and will not offer a refund or discount.  I require a sign-off on each cake stating you were able to inspect your cake and where satisfied.  If the cake collapses in my care, we will work out another arrangement privately.  

Why do you sell by serving...just what size IS a serving?

I sell by serving as it is a better gauge of what to charge and keeps my prices uniform as much as possible.  It also gives you a better idea of how many people you should be able to serve with a given sized cake.  A serving is considered 1” x 2”.  I know.  That sounds really small.  But my cakes are tall, averaging 4" to 5".  A lot of times, people are not able to finish a serving.  I am not liable for any cake shortages due to improper cutting.

















Every product produced by me is made with shared equipment that may have come in contact with ingredients containing allergens including but not limited to: Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Soy, Dairy, Eggs, Gluten, Wheat etc.  If you have food allergies, it is advised that you do not consume my products.

Recommended cutting guide for cakes
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