COVID-19 has changed the landscape of small businesses in 2020. Social distancing has altered how events will take place and how large those events will be.  As a small business owner, who is also immune compromised, I have decided that this new landscape must require a business adjustment for the unforeseeable future. 

Until further notice, the following policy changes are taking place:

*Delivery will be required on all orders and will be factored into costs/quotes

*Deliveries must take place at least two hours prior to event time to limit person to person contact.  

*We will continue to practice proper food safety methods and will follow all CDC guidelines to ensure health and safety.

*If you are feeling ill, please contact us immediately so we can work out an alternative arrangement.  Depending on how far in advance we are contacted, we may be able to offer a no fee transfer to a future date that fits within both of our schedules.  We want you healthy, we will do what we can to work with you during these trying times.  

*Cake Tastings will only be available as To-Go boxes which clients can sample in the comfort and safety of their own homes.  Consults will take place via Zoom calls, emails, or phone calls.

*Please note retainers will remain non-refundable.  We will gladly offer a no fee transfer to a future date provided we have enough advance notice, but often times, work has already been started on your order that you may not be aware of (sugar flower creations, custom mold creation and procurement, custom frame building, etc), making refunds not a possibility.  In the unfortunate circumstance that your event is cancelled,  we will work with you to find an alternative solution.  We appreciate your understanding.